Spray Chalk or Chalk Spray

chalk spray cans


In the picture above you can see a chalk spraycan that is specially made to use upside down.

While some cans work fine up straight and upsite down, for street surfaces you could consider this specific type of chalk spray can or cap.

A new colourful craze and fun rage

Spray Chalking is a new form of kids entertainment, surface colouring and temporary line and field marking for sport courts, theme marking and other artistic ways of chalking.

Spray Chalk is basically pigmented chalk in a spray can, which is easy to use and never permanent.

Ii's fun, it's cool to do, and it's colourful in so many ways.

Easy to clean spraychalk

Chalk Spray can be used on almost any surface, and can be cleaned with water easily. Outdoors it lasts between a few days and a few weeks, depending on the weather and the use of the surface. Just like kids regular play chalk it disappears on its own.

With a water hose you can basicly remove the chalk instantly after you chlak a street orsurface. The thicker the lines of chalk and the longer you let it dry, can make it a little bit harder.

Great about spray in a can

The great things about spray chalk is that it can be used in multiple ways. A few axamples:

  • It can be used to mark play areas on playgrounds.
  • It can be used to temporary mark a sport court, even gras.
  • It can be used for temporary advertising.
  • Spray chalk provides a safe and clean way for kids to do graffity artwork (which can easily be removed or disapeares by itself!).
  • Kids can do chal related games and artwork in the garden.
  • And espacially for kids, its cool and fun to play with spray chalk.


Where can you best buy chalk spray?

We did some research on different spray chalks and can advise you to buy your quality spray chalk at the best prices. We have the following selection as the best choises for chalk spray:


a single chalk spray can
in diferent colours

For the complete set in differtent colours !
with different sizes in caps


The cap sizes set:

From a different supplier, but cheaper:


All chal spray colours

To make your choise by color, please look here at the options:


What to consider when using spray chalk

We ourselves are an objective information site about the use and fun of spray chalk, we do not sell it ourselves.

Although it is just chalk, the use of a spraycan could cause a few situations you would like to avoid. First of all you should always follw the advise and caution notes of the store and supplier of the spray cahlk. Furthermore it can always be advised to have some sort of supervision when young kids use it. Specific rules about using it can be applied in any situation, so you can avoid making a mess out of the streets and schoolyards when it is not welcome.





Chalk spray and spray chalk use tips

We have an overview of some fun and great uses for chalk spray. Like we mentiond earlier there are a lot of ways to use chalk spray. Here are some real life examples:

  • School project
  • Temporaly Theme projects
  • Chalk trailing game
  • Spray chalk games
  • Art competitions


We keep searching the internet for you, for the greatest ideas for the use of chalk spray!